Tuesday, Nov 12, 2019
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The Cannabis Business Is Boomin & Now’s The Time To Get Involved: Revolt Panel Highlights

Cannabis is a fast-growing business, and these five men encourage you to get involved immediately.

The REVOLT Summit in Los Angeles may be over, but the attendees are still talking about the three-day event. Industry leaders and professionals were asked by Diddy to come together for various discussions about music, social media, technology, and issues that impact hip hop culture. On Day Two of the Summit, the cannabis industry was a hot topic as Ted Chung, entrepreneur and business partner of Snoop Dogg, moderated a panel that featured the rapper along with community activist and restaurateur Karim Webb; David Elian, the CEO of Lowell Farms; and Jason White, the CMO of Select & Cura, Inc who is also the former EVP, Global Head of Marketing for Beats By Dre.

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Everyone on the panel wanted listeners to understand that this is a multi-billion dollar industry where people of color are widely underrepresented in business. The panel urged people, even those with a minor interest, to educate themselves, not only to acquire knowledge for their own benefit but to let others know that the cannabis industry isn’t some shady enterprise.

“You can’t leverage your cultural competency to be self-determined for what we see in our community, and I think cannabis is a once in a lifetime opportunity, a brand new industry,” Karim said. Sure, cannabis has been around since the beginning of time, but he added “the legalization and regulation of it in this country…there is a finite time and the time is now for us to unite around what fairness looks like so we can get as big a piece of the pie as possible.”

Snoop was highly influential in the merging of cannabis culture with hip hop, and he was asked if that was all apart of the plan in the early days of his career. “At that time, sh*t, we was just being kids,” Snoop said. They were just trying to do something that they believed was original. The rapper said that he and his crew were always interested in the cannabis culture. “Whether it was Cheech and Chong, whether it was Bob Marley…however it was presented to us, we were always infatuated with it,” he added. Marijuana was something that shifted their focus because it was giving them a “zone of peacefulness.” Snoop said he wanted to do something to let people know that cannabis was a cause he was getting behind, so “I went to the swapmeet, bought me a hat, and I told the lady to put a leaf on it…years later we looked back it and I was actually branding the chronic leaf before I knew about branding. Before I knew what branding was.”

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Published: October 30, 2019

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