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The Cannabus: Marijuana Bus Tour Newest Way To Toke In The Scenery Across LA

SANTA MONICA (CBSLA) — Those buses full of rubbernecking tourists are common sights in Tinseltown, but now that recreational marijuana is legal in the Golden State, tourists are taking advantage and hitting the bong as they hit the streets.

Prospective toking tourists can now book a bus on Greenline Trips, a new company catering to the cannabis consumer who wants to be on the go.

“When we drive around Hollywood and West L.A., people say, like, ‘What is that!’ you know, because they see the cannabis leaf on the side of the bus,” Greenline owner “Ed” told CBS2 News.

Ed said interest in pot tourism has soared since recreational weed was legalized for adults in California at the start of this year. He said people are planning their entire L.A. stay around marijuana.

“Someone just came in from North Carolina, and they planned their whole vacation around our trip,” Ed said.

He said they take safety seriously, installing air-tight partitions between the driver and the passengers on the buses. He adds drivers don’t let passengers break any laws.

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Published: May 22, 2018

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