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The City Council Will Consider Yielding to Demands of the Cannabis ‘Originals’ Today

City Hall, faced with a ballot proposition that could override West Hollywood’s cannabis licensing process and a lawsuit from MedMen contesting that process, is proposing that the City Council yield to the demands of the city’s four original medical cannabis retailers.

The proposal follows a series of meetings with representatives of the city’s four original medical cannabis businesses (known as the Originals), who failed to qualify for any of the eight recreational cannabis licenses granted after a lengthy and expensive application process. The Originals are the ones behind a measure proposed for the Nov. 3 ballot that would effectively void the city’s cannabis licensing process.

The compromise also was crafted after meetings with representatives of those who qualified for one of the eight recreational cannabis licenses last year (known as the Adult Use Retailers Association of West Hollywood — AURA), and with some of those who qualified for cannabis consumption lounge licenses.

An item on the City Council’s Monday agenda from the City Manager’s office asks the Council to grant three of the four original medical cannabis retailers the recreation cannabis sales licenses they are seeking. Those retailers are Alternative Herbal Health Services, MedMen, and Zen Healing Collective. The fourth medical cannabis retailer, Los Angeles Patients and Caregivers Group, ranked ninth among the applicants for eight recreational sales licenses. Given that one of the eight businesses that qualified for such a license is not moving forward, the city recommends that LAPCG be granted that license. If approved by the City Council, the number of businesses licensed to sell recreational cannabis would double from eight to 16.

The proposal going before the City Council also asks that those who qualified for one of the eight licenses to operate a lounge where edible cannabis products can be consumed be allowed to include a lounge area where cannabis can be smoked or vaped. If approved, that would potentially add eight more cannabis smoking lounges to the eight already licensed. Those edible and smoking cannabis lounges also would be allowed to sell takeaway products to customers, with limitations on the amount that can be taken away. Some recreational cannabis retailers have opposed that, arguing that allowing takeaways puts the lounges in competition with the retailers.

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Published: August 03, 2020

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