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The Growing Debate over CBD Products for Animals

In line with the growing popularity of cannabidiol (CBD), the use of the cannabis compound within the veterinary field has gone from completely unheard of to a much more conventional topic in recent years.

The budding attraction in new treatments for beloved pets has already led to an evolving multi-million dollar industry solely focused around cannabis-related products for animals.

Naturally, users who have found that taking CBD oil has benefited them in some way will be curious as to whether it could also potentially aid in healing their best fluffy friends.

Dr Scott Bainbridge, co-owner of Dundas West Animal Hospital, recently claimed: “What works in medicine is usually applicable to animal medicine, but we are talking about a different species… and the amount of receptors for CBD that a human has may vary from a dog or a cat.”

Being that there is currently a lack of research on the effects of CBD on animals and there aren’t even any legal CBD products on the market targeted towards animal wellness, it’s understandable that experts in the field are hesitant to discuss or endorse potential cannabis-related medicine.

Bainbridge continued by saying: “I can see potential for treating things like anxiety, arthritis, or chronic pain… but we do need to do more research in the area.”

Legal status of cannabis for pets

Prior to the surge of medicinal interest in cannabis and CBD related to animals, the California Veterinary Medical Board reminded veterinarians of its legal status with a statement released in 2017.

It claimed that under state law, it was prohibited to recommend cannabis and any derivatives to pet owners. If vets were found to recommend or discuss the compound for use on their patients, they would risk losing their medical licenses for good.

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Published: October 06, 2019

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