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The Marathon continues: Nipsey Hussle’s brother continues late rapper’s dream

As Samiel Asghedom stands next to a mural of late rap icon and entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle, it’s hard not to notice the uncanny resemblance.

“You gotta figure out how to keep pushing forward,” said Asghedom, the rapper’s older brother.

As the trial of his brother’s alleged murderer continues this week, Asghedom sat down with CBSLA’s Pat Harvey to reflect on the past and the road ahead. Although he was aware of his brother’s impact on the world, especially on people,  Asghedom didn’t realize how far it spread.

“We knew the impact,” he said. “We just didn’t know how wide it was.”

Murals of Nipsey have become a staple of Los Angeles, including one in Canoga Park which serves as the backdrop of the grand opening of the Marathon Collective — a licensed marijuana shop.

“Just being able to open a legitimate shop being able to see it through — it was good for the whole family,” said Asghedom.

Nipsey, born Ermias Asghedom, was a self-described marijuana connoisseur. He grew weed and sold it to fund his recording endeavors which ultimately led to platinum records and Grammy Awards. However, the early pot deals also led to a lot of trouble.

“Marijuana, a lot of times people were going to jail,” said Samiel. “Once it started legitimizing, it was a goal… We got to get into this legitimately.”

Before that could happen, Nipsey was gunned down in front of his clothing store at Crenshaw Boulevard and Slauson Avenue. Nipsey’s death deeply affected his business partner, confidant and big brother — Sam.

The family decided to stay away from the courtroom as Nipsey’s murder is laid bare in graphic detail during his alleged murderer Eric Holder’s trial.

“I will say that I got somebody there on our end,” said Ashgedom. “A lawyer just kind of sending me the feedback so I can stay on top of what’s happening day-to-day. My mother and grandmother will ask me questions so I’ll give them the feedback.

Asghedom said that the family was doing well even during the ongoing trial.

“Family’s good thank god. My niece is getting big,” he said. “My nephew’s getting big, you know, their mother’s doing good. So, thank God.”

Ashedom added that he is excited to finally get his and his brother’s dream — the Marathon Collective — open.

“We looked at it like alcohol during Prohibition,” he said “It will be something that the kids can look to when they get older and know that this is something that their parent’s worked hard and established… This is something that Hussle wanted — that we wanted. I’m just happy to be able to open it up.”

The Marathon Collective opens Saturday morning at 11 a.m. in Canoga Park.

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Published: June 17, 2022

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