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This Year’s Oscars Swag Bags Include Cannabis Vape Pen

Oscar statues at the 88th Academy Awards in Hollywood, California, shown on February 28, 2016.
Kurt Krieger – Corbis | Getty Images

Those up for an Oscar are set to receive a generous swag bag full of unusual gifts — regardless of whether they actually end up winning an Academy Award.

Oscar-nominated celebrities concerned about security, keen on cosmetic treatments or fans of cannabis will be rewarded this year as the bags include a voucher for a bullet-resistant door, free Botox and fillers, and a gold-plated vape pen.

The Hollowtips pen boasts “THC water clear distillate,” which refers to a refined version of the psychoactive part of the cannabis plant, while Remo security will custom design bullet-resistant doors for nominees.

The swag bags — which have no official link to the Academy Awards — also include unusual gifts such as a Peezy Midstream, a medical urine collection system that claims to reduce contamination and improve the accuracy of testing for infections, and a $499 genetic testing kit that matches DNA to medication.

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Published: January 30, 2020

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