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Thousand Oaks’ two medical cannabis retailers ask city to allow sale of recreational pot

A product display decorates a wall on Tuesday, February 01, 2022 at Leaf Dispensary, one of two medical cannabis dispensaries that have opened in Thousand Oaks. Anthony Plascencia/The Star

Two months after opening, Thousand Oaks’ two medical cannabis dispensaries are asking the city for permission to start selling recreational cannabis to boost sales.

City Manager Drew Powers disclosed the requests at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting. They are scheduled to be considered by the council at its April 12 meeting.

The requests come from Leaf Dispensary and Legendary Organics, both of which opened in early February, the only cannabis dispensaries in Thousand Oaks.

Powers said the two medicinal dispensaries are asking the City Council “to contemplate an initiation of a code amendment to allow …  them access to sell recreational cannabis.”

Officials of Leaf and Legendary said Wednesday their requests are being made to increase their bottom lines.

Many potential customers who walk through their doors don’t realize that recreational cannabis isn’t for sale, the officials said. When they learn that’s the case, they leave, they said.

“Being confined to medical only in Thousand Oaks limits our ability to service the community as a whole and lowers potential tax revenues (for the city)” and lessens employment, Leaf President David MacFarlane said.

He said that if business picks up, he’ll be able to hire more employees.

“I had to lay off about a third of our staff of about 11 because I was expecting a much higher customer response,” he said.

Ned Davis, a managing member of Legendary, said Wednesday he too is seeing lots of potential customers walk out when they realize they need a medical recommendation to buy medicinal cannabis.

“One day, it was over 60%,” he said. “They look perplexed.

“So, David and I are in the same boat,” Davis said. “We see the same phenomenon happening.”

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Published: March 31, 2022

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