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Two More Challenges to Pasadena’s Cannabis Permitting Process Are Filed

On Tuesday, a marijuana retailer cried foul with a Federal suit. Now comes word two more lawsuits have been filed challenging the application/permitting process

[Updated] To be perfectly clear, retail marijuana was not something Pasadena City officials had pursued.

In a recent interview with Pasadena Now, Mayor Terry Tornek said he’d watch other municipalities such as Los Angeles struggle with the issue and was content to see what came out in the wash elsewhere before tackling the topic in Pasadena (if it came to that).

But it did come to that when a sufficient number of Pasadenans wanted their weed and used the vote to secure its sale locally.

Charged with making the electoral wishes of Pasadenans a policy the City, led by the City Manager and the Department and Planning and Development, drafted an ordinance limiting the number of stores to six citywide, with each occupying its very own city Council District.

Pasadena isn’t the first place this process has been unpacked and the City contracted with consultant HdL, which has experience implementing processes for legalized, recreational marijuana sales.

An application fee of some $14,000 was established, perhaps to filter out industry bottomfeeders and also to cover verifying and processing, an ornate application was developed, although two new legal complaints charging that the application is was not specific enough have been filed in state Superior Court.

The City opened the application process and took in what amounted to an embarrassment of riches: 122 applicants (five more for laboratories and nurseries) wanting to sell cannabis.

Ultimately six were chosen. One missed out by a point, was not very happy, and made some pointed accusations about certain of the winners.

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Published: September 06, 2019

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