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Weedmayhem Set to Revolutionize Worldwide Cannabis Industry

Meet Michael Mizrachi: the brain behind the legal cannabis industry’s first globally-accessible ‘Amazon-like’ online marketplace.

(PRUnderground) April 30th, 2019

Weedmayhem, the first-ever global legal cannabis online marketplace, is scheduled to go live. It is the first online marketplace for legal cannabis product e-commerce, media, and marketing. Built using smart proprietary technology, the platform ensures compliance with the current turbulent regulatory environment. The brain behind the revolutionary operation is Weedmayhem founder, chairman, and Chief Executive Officer, Michael Mizrachi.

Weedmayhem is bringing all of Michael’s experience and knowledge to a head. The platform goes far past what competitors are offering by serving customers beyond state and national lines. It adapts to each user around the world according to the laws where they live, and advanced geo-coded technology enables the automatic segregation of products and services based on the user’s age and location.

“Cannabis commerce should not be stuck in the stone age during its transition from illegal to legal status. The technical capabilities to provide the industry with a complete, compliant online solution exist, Weedmayhem is just the first to truly take on the challenge.” Michael Mizrachi

Michael is a serial entrepreneur and technocrat from the Los Angeles area. He created his first online e-commerce concept at the age of 15 and established and sold his first apparel-based e-commerce company at the age of 19. Since then, he has established several companies across a variety of industry sectors including tech, finance, and consumer electronics, the latter of which had revenues of $250 million from 2011 to 2015.

Michael also consults for internet start-up ventures, is an experienced venture capitalist, and is an investor in technology and real estate. His skills and background include engineering, web development and design, business, administration, leadership, talent acquisition, international business relations, and negotiation techniques.

“The legal cannabis industry is here to stay. We’re merely working to keep this incredible worldwide advancement organized, easy to maneuver, and accessible to people globally,” said Michael.

Together with his team, Michael’s hope through Weedmayhem is to facilitate the legal cannabis industry’s move into the digital space by becoming the world’s number one shopping destination for cannabis, cannabis-related products, and other consumer goods. The platform enables sellers to reach a wider audience, giving buyers a safe place for all of their cannabis shopping needs.

Weedmayhem is taking a stand for legal compliance with smart tech embedded in each step of the process. The platform will evolve alongside the legal environment to help the industry migrate online and grow in alignment with state and national laws. The Weedmayhem geo-coded smart technology and proprietary algorithms are presently patent-pending.

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Published: April 30, 2019

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