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What to expect on Killer Mike’s new cannabis show, and has he smoked with Bernie Sanders yet?

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Weedmaps WM Technology Inc MAPS-1.93%+ Free Alerts and hip hop star Killer Mike announced the launch of their new media project Tumbleweeds. The show will follow Killer Mike, real name Michael Render, exploring what show creators call “a new era of cannabis in America.”

What To Expect On Tumbleweeds

Render will tour four U.S. cities, including the California Bay Area, New York City, Chicago and Las Vegas where he’ll will stop and chat with local personalities and comedy legends linked to the pot community. Along the way, he’ll be joined by notable entertainers:

San Francisco:

  • Comedian, Ngaio Bealum
  • Comedian, Jeff Horste
  • Comedian, Kabir Singh

Las Vegas:

Comedian, Mat Edgar

  • Comedian, DJ Sandhu
  • Comedian, Jozalyn Sharp
  • Comedian, Mu Johnson

New York City:

Comedian, Napoleon Emill

  • Comedian, Jocelyn Chia
  • Comedian, Brendan Sagalow


  • Comedian, Chris Higgins
  • Comedian, Jarrell Barnes
  • Comedian, Just Nesh
  • Comedian, Abi Sanchez

He will also tour dispensaries, infused cafes and other emerging pot destinations to showcase the pulse of America’s cannabis culture.

Render, who spoke with Benzinga while filming at Manhattan’s Café Canal in January, appeared thrilled about the project. He emphasized how the show plans to tackle pressing cannabis issues while also highlighting the communal aspect through comedy.

“I get to hang out with incredibly joy-filled people, smoke marijuana and talk about cannabis,” said Render, co-creator and co-star of the hip-hop group Run the Jewels.

Overall, he said the goal is to help further normalize cannabis.

Changing Of The Guard Needed In D.C.

Normalizing cannabis has its remaining hurdles. While the public has largely come around on the issue, stalled action on Capitol Hill and in certain state houses leave Render supporting a change in leadership.

He pulled no punches with his assessment, saying “I think the remaining hurdles are to get the old fucking politicians that are in charge now the fuck out the way.”

Render said opposing lawmakers “know that legalization is imminent and coming,” proposing rules he considers “dumbass hurdles” that obstruct the process.

He cited his home state of Georgia as an example, citing its strict medical cannabis program.

Under state law, patients are only permitted access to 20 ounces or less of low-THC oil. Medical cannabis oil is not available for purchase at this time, according to the state Medical Cannabis Commission.

Render called Georgia’s current state cannabis rules “senseless.”

Fighting Drug Stigmas, Calling For Improved Licensing Access

Render, a long-time activist, is well-educated on the history of drug war propaganda. He was quick to highlight the race-based attacks starting in the 1920s all the way through the Nixon administration’s ramping up of the drug war, with its effects ongoing.

“We know that Nixon propagated the drug war to be weaponized against hippies or freethinking white folks and black folks,” he said, adding, “I think it’s time to end.”

Advocating for equal ownership, Render supports licensing opportunities for drug war victims and their communities, believing that industry ownership should reflect state demographics.

While traveling the world, Render identified Amsterdam as having an amazing cannabis culture, and Denver for its cannabis tax system and efforts to increase black ownership.

In January 2022, Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division announced that minority ownership surpassed a 16.8% goal, with officials calling for increased ownership over time.

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Published: April 07, 2022

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