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Will cannabis tourism lead the way to economic recovery?

The events of recent months – which, at no risk of ambiguity, will not be discussed here – have created something of a roadblock for nearly every industry that was, just twelve months ago, thriving in the global marketplace.

Not least among those industries is the world of travel and tourism which, on both a local, national and international level, has ground to a halt for nigh-on twelve months.

There are plenty of ideas swirling about the best ways to restart the world of travel when circumstances allow, and forecasts for how that side of life will have changed for good. The notion of harnessing the new freedom surrounding marijuana usage holds plenty of potential for the industry, and offers an exciting new normal for millions of people. Read more below.

It Began at the Heyday of Commercial Air Travel

Of course, the notion of cannabis-related tourism is nothing new – it is, in reality, the driving force behind the sheer quantity of strains we now have today.

Take, for instance, the foundational strains that each gave rise to the many thousands of iterations and hybrids that exist at this very moment. Leading cannabis researcher Cannigma have curated a wealth of knowledge on this subject, and their recent article, What is Kush, delves into the fascinating, transcontinental journey that this strain made from the ageless mountain communities of Afghanistan, through the mid-twentieth century, to Los Angeles of the 1990s.

This journey is indicative of a turning point within the world of travel – back when commercial, international flights were almost as rare as they are now, in December of 2020 – and in the world of marijuana use, which made great advances thanks to this new, potent strain from Southern Asia.

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Published: January 11, 2021

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