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Winner Winner, CBD Fried Chicken Dinner

Grub restaurant owners Betty Fraser and Denise DeCarlo opened their charming, converted 1920s bungalow in the heart of the industrial section of Hollywood on Saturday night for a rare dinner, which featured CBD-infused gourmet fried chicken with terpene cocktail pairings.

Lights twinkled and candles flickered in the rustic dining room and on the patio as guests enjoyed white wine–brined fried chicken with orange sage panko, Tecate-marinated fried chicken tacos with slaw and guacamole, curry drumettes with sesame seed crust and buttermilk Tabasco drumettes — all infused with terpenes — in the summer breeze.

“As an advocate for cannabis most of my life, and a caterer, I wanted to find a way to bring my two loves together,” says Top Chef competitor Fraser, who came upon the idea after attending a private cannabis seder.

Denise DeCarlo, left, and Betty Fraser, background, in the Grub kitchenEXPAND

Denise DeCarlo, left, and Betty Fraser, background, in the Grub kitchen
Michele Stueven

“Denise and I thought Grub would be the perfect place for an event of this kind. I suggested a fried chicken party, since everyone loves fried chicken,” Fraser tells L.A. Weekly. “So we created a summer feel menu with four kinds of fried chicken and all the fixings. Our goal was delicious fun as well as an education of the benefits of CBD.”

Also on the menu was a choice of CBD-infused Hollywood hemp green tea cooler (green tea, house-made ginger syrup, mint, lime and wine vodka); blackberry black pepper thyme sparklers; or lemon basil Champagne. Grilled watermelon, berry bread pudding with cream cheese, and psychedelic cupcakes were for dessert.

Take-home party favors: Birthday Cake indica, top, and Stone Road Sour Raspberry sativaEXPAND

Take-home party favors: Birthday Cake indica, top, and Stone Road Sour Raspberry sativa
Michele Stueven

True Terpenes co-founder Ben Cassiday, who provided the oils for the evening, explains how the tinctures enhance food and drink.

“Terpenes are the fundamental building blocks of many unique flavors and aromas,” Cassiday says. “By combining select terpenes with craft food and beverages, we gain the ability to add complexity and influence the flavors and fragrances in our favorite treats like never before.” He has about two dozen varieties, including Super Sour Diesel, Granddaddy Purple, Lemon Skunk, Strawnana and Clementine.

While there was no THC imbibing allowed on the premises, take-home party favors included bowls of pre-packaged Stone Road Sour Raspberry sativa and Birthday Cake indica for all the Geminis present.

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Published: June 6, 2018

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