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With GAS, 2 Chainz Sets An Example For Cannabis Entrepreneurship

(Photo credit: Joe Moore) JOE MOORE

Based off his lyrics alone, 2 Chainz clearly knows his way around marijuana.

So when it came time to pick a type for the Grammy-winning rapper and star of Viceland’s appropriately named Most Expensivest to stake his reputation on, he insisted on a rigorous hands-on search.

“I know the cannabis space very well,” he says, declaring a certain amount of pride in being a daily recreational smoker. “So when I landed on the right strain, I knew it was the perfect match.”

In his own words, “lots and lots of testing” went into personally selecting the final trio for GAS Cannabis Co., his foray into the burgeoning adult-use market in partnership with the Los Angeles-based Mazel Management Group, which owns and operates the Westside Station dispensary. Available exclusively in Californian dispensaries upon its official launch last month, the products come positioned as a premium line, presented as three respective octanes that suit the metaphorical name of the venture.

“Everything I do has to be authentic, a natural fit,” he says, seeing adult-use cannabis as consistent with his brand and a suitable addition to his investments and businesses both within and outside of music. “Just like my other ventures–merchandise, restaurants, real estate–these are all things I love.”

While currently for sale in flower and pre-rolled joint form, plans for consumer-friendly brand extensions into edibles and topicals are also in the works. As more and more cities and states decriminalize and move towards the taxable monetization of cannabis, 2 Chainz also hopes to broaden the availability of GAS beyond California, using its current regional limitations as a test market opportunity. “We’ll scale up and learn from our customers what works and what doesn’t work so that we can apply that to other territories,” he says.

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Published: November 28, 2018

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