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With High-Profile Recalls in California, Marijuana Lab Testing Labs Brace for More Scrutiny

Cannabis product recalls are becoming a serious matter after a string of notable incidents in July and August 2108, all of which could lead to unwanted scrutiny over product safety protocols at testing labs.

The Bloom Brand announced a recall July 25, 2018, of a manufactured batch of cannabis products from certain California retailers for containing the pesticide myclobutanil that does not comply with the Bureau of Cannabis Control’s (BCC) standards.

The company voluntarily recalled four products sold between July 1 and July 19, 2018, containing Batch Number B-180504. Product names included in the recall are BloomVape 0.5 g, BloomVape 1 g, BloomOne Disposable 300 mg and BloomDrop 800 mg.

The recall covered nearly 100 retailers across California; no other states were affected.

A public relations representative for the Bloom Brand referred questions from the media to a recall statement on the company’s website that provides a list of product names and strains recalled, as well the retail locations that stocked the products.

“We are working closely with the BCC to remedy this issue and expect clean, compliant products to be back on shelves in three weeks,” reads the recall statement.

A BCC spokesperson said that this was California’s first cannabis product recall since the adult use became legal on Jan. 1, 2018.

“As of right now, our sole focus has been on public safety and working with the manufacturers and the Department of Public Health to make sure those products get recalled,” BCC spokesman Alex Traverso replied in an email to

Based on data provided by the BCC, it’s not uncommon for cannabis products to fail testing. Of the certificates of analysis sent to the BCC by August 6, 20 percent of cannabis products received failed certificates of analysis, of which 68 percent failed because of errors in label claims, such as the amount of THC or CBD printed on a label. The remainder of the failed tests were due to the presence of contaminants, such as pesticides, solvents, and microbes,  according to the BCC.

Data: Percentage breakdown provided by the Bureau of Cannabis Control. Infographic: Allena Braithwaite/

Second Batch of Recalled Products  Made It to Retail

Los Angeles-based Lowell Herb Co. issued a voluntary recall beginning on July 27, 2018, after a patch of products passed through more than one testing lab and made its way to retail.

The company said flower was approved by SC Labs in Santa Cruz, manufactured into pre-rolls and sent to a distributor. The distributor had the batch of pre-rolls tested by Anresco Laboratories in San Francisco, where it initially passed and was sent out to be sold, but, two weeks later, the status of the batch was changed to “fail.”

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Published: August 06, 2018

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