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Wiz Khalifa and Michael Strahan Hit With Khalifa Kush Lawsuit

Wiz Khalifa and Michael Strahan are being sued by one of their Khalifa Kush business partners.

Per court documents obtained by The Blast, the director and managing agent for Cuzzi Consulting, Inc., Carlos Arias, claims he was denied interest from the company’s proceeds—including a cannabis licensing deal valued no less than $20,000,000. It’s unclear how much in damages Arias is seeking from this lawsuit, but he did claim that Strahan and Khalifa stole more than $100,000,000 in assets by not involving him in the strain’s business dealings.

Arias alleges that the pair engaged in “wrongful conduct concerning the usurpation and misappropriation of assets” regarding Khalifa Kush. He also claims that the trio had an agreement to include him in the brand, but it was unjustly breached and cut him out of the profits. As a result, the plaintiff is calling Strahan and Khalifa’s partnership a “civil conspiracy” against him.

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Published: November 24, 2020

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