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Women and senior cannabis users are the biggest stoners, research shows

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Female stoners consume cannabis more often than men who indulge in pot. Users over 65 years old are getting high more frequently than youngsters who dabble in the newly legal drug.

These are among the findings of a recent report by IMI International on the habits of North American cannabis consumers. The marketing consultancy firm surveyed 3,000 individuals, half in Canada and half in legalized regions of the United States, in October and November of last year. The results depart from long-held stoner stereotypes and provide fresh insight on how the burgeoning cannabis market will evolve.

“It’s not a young male thing. It’s not a young urban thing. It’s a Canadian thing,” IMI International Global Managing Partner Don Mayo told Yahoo Finance Canada. “The fact that women consume more frequently than men, that’s surprising to me.”

IMI International found the average Canadian female cannabis user who participated in the research said they consumed 54 times in the past three months, compared to 46 times for Canadian males. Women, however, made up a smaller percentage of overall cannabis consumers.

The results also show Canadians are more prolific cannabis consumers than their neighbours south of the border, averaging 50 cannabis usages in the past three months, versus 38 for U.S. users.

Frequency of cannabis consumption was found to increase with age in Canada. Canadians over 65 years old averaged 63 usages compared to 46 for the 18-to-44 demographic. Those figures were 44 and 31, respectively, for the U.S.

IMI estimates 4.4 million Canadians 19 years old and over would have consumed cannabis in the past three months, contributing to a $5.7 billion market in 2018 across legal and illegal channels. The marketing firm is calling for annual revenue to approach $9 billion as the Canadian user base grows to about seven million.

“The market is mature, but it’s going to grow,” said Mayo, who questions some of the exuberant projections about explosive consumer growth post-legalization, as well as the ability of legitimate sellers to stamp out demand for cheap black market product.

Statistics Canada data collected between Oct. 17 and Dec. 31 last year found the average price per gram of cannabis procured from legal sources was $9.70. Illegal cannabis sold for $6.51 during the same period.

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Published: January 29, 2019

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