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Women more likely to substitute cannabis for prescription drugs

Women are more likely to use cannabis as a substitute for prescription drugs, according to the findings of a new survey performed by The Cannigma.

The survey found that out of a total of 204 female respondents, 147 (72%) reported that they use cannabis as a substitute for prescription medications, as opposed to 90 out of 162 male respondents (55.5%). Overall, 65% of the respondents said that they use cannabis in lieu of prescription pharmaceuticals.

Though it may not come as a surprise, the survey also found that people who use medical cannabis are more likely to report using it more than once a day. In addition, they were also significantly more likely to report more use days per week.

The survey was sent out to thousands of Cannigma users by way of a newsletter, and most of the respondents came from the United States.

The survey was compiled by Amanda Reiman, PhD MSW, founder of Personal Plants and a cannabis policy expert and social ethnobotanist. Reiman has conducted a number of previous studies on cannabis, including on the subjects of dispensaries, patients and the use of marijuana in addiction treatment. She also served as the first chairwoman of the Medical Cannabis Commission for the City of Berkeley.

About 85% of the participants in the survey were from North America (78% from the US), and the rest are from countries including Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Jamaica, Ireland, Greece, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Peru, and Mexico.

When asked what she was hoping to learn with the questionnaire, Reiman described a desire to highlight the sort of use cases that don’t fit into the narrative fostered by people who are opposed to cannabis legalization or the use of cannabis for medical purposes.

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Published: November 17, 2021

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