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Women’s Health and Cannabis: This Santa Barbara-Based, Female-Run Cannabis Cultivator is Changing the Game

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50% woman-owned Autumn Brands brings benefits of premium, sun-grown cannabis to an eager female health and wellness market

LOS ANGELES, California – (June 2019): Autumn Shelton (Owner/ CFO) and Hanna Brand (Owner/ Sales Director) of Santa Barbara-based Autumn Brands are changing the culture and conversation around the female use of cannabis. The first to receive a California Provisional Annual Cultivation license in Santa Barbara County, Autumn Brands is a family-run, 50% woman-owned company known for its holistic focus and artisanal approach to producing powerfully potent strains of pesticide-free cannabis. From day one to the present, the company has sought to shift the female perspective, stigmas, and misunderstandings associated with the use of cannabis as part of a whole and healthy lifestyle.

A calculated risk-taker with an aptitude for numbers, Owner and Chief Financial Officer Autumn Shelton champions the health and wellness benefits of cannabis and is committed to cultivation free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. As a strategic decision maker for the family farm, which originated in Holland more than 100 years ago, Shelton oversees the company’s financials, legal compliance, and regularly meets with other industry executives. An early mover in the commercial cannabis industry, Shelton has become a sought-after advocate for the legal aspects of operating a licensed California cannabis cultivation business.

Owner and Sales Director Hanna Brand is a sixth-generation Dutch farmer dedicated to increasing revenue and maintaining the farm’s pure growing practices, which began in Holland more than a century ago. In addition to overseeing a team in the harvesting and packing department, Brand manages the branding and post-harvest bulk of Autumn Brands. She also serves as the face of Autumn Days, a customer appreciation and educational event focused on the specifics of cannabis and general agriculture.

The extraordinary women behind Autumn Brands bring an uncompromising work ethic to the task of producing hand-selected, sun-grown buds which are hang-dried, hand-trimmed and cured to preserve maximum potency and full healing benefits. Determined to make their mark on a male-dominated cannabis industry, the company aims to serve a growing female health and wellness market eager to embrace the myriad benefits of cannabis as part of a healthy lifestyle. Visit to learn more and discover their full selection of premium flower, pre-rolls, and pre-filled cartridges. Follow on Instagram @AutumnBrands for new product releases and updates.

About Autumn Brands:

Autumn Brands is a licensed California cannabis cultivator dedicated to the synergy of health and wellness. The Autumn Brands’ family farm started in Holland more than a century ago, and today, sixth-generation farmers apply the same expertise garnered in growing the world’s finest tulips to producing pure and potent strains of cannabis in sunny, coastal Santa Barbara County. Autumn Brands is proud to be 50 percent woman-owned, free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. For more information, visit or email

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